Data Recovery from a Failed Hard Drive


If your data is vital, call a professional data recovery service. If you are willing to destroy your data while attempting to recover then this article is for you. Remember that you cannot open your hard drive. The dust in the air will render it unrecoverable.

About your BIOS


BIOS (Basic Input Output System), Is the first piece of software loaded when you boot your PC.

It has all the software’s necessary to control the monitor, hard drive, keyboard, etc…

The BIOS code is stored on a CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) chip on your
motherboard, but because RAM is faster than ROM, the BIOS is copied from the CMOS to the
RAM when the computer is booted. This is called shadowing.

There are different BIOS from different companies. The most used BIOS are Phoenix and Amibios.

Some Tips about power supply!


Compare for the best prices across vendors.

You can canvass on other vendors, where you can compare their prices.

Look for Quality to avoid future troubles.

Do not buy the cheapest ones as they are unstable and tend to burn. Also get at least 500W of power output to have ample power. This should fix your problem.

Make a checklist of your components, to find out what power output you should look for.

How to Shop for computer Equipment and Hardware parts!


5 most Common Mistakes to avoid!

Vendors in general (Not all of them), make extra profits by capitalizing on people’s lack of knowledge of computer parts and equipment.

They will sell you an unbalanced machine, making a little profit by selling you some low end parts mixed with high quality computer parts that they advertise to the consumer.

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